what we live and breath

Right now you’re probably thinking "why won’t I just go with one of your mentors instead?" since that’s where we learned what we know, plus they do have more years on us, and to be honest If you stop there you are right! You have all the right to go and work with them and we actually recommend you do that if you don’t trust us!


But think about this, we as a team and our founder Danik has been trained personally and online by the combination of these mentors understanding this whole business from inside out. He has been immersed in this for more than 4 years now. For some this doesn’t seem a lot, but he is only 23.


This process of watching and doing is what scientists call learning through osmosis. If you think about it this is exactly how we learn and grow. We start out by watching what our parents have been doing, and most of our habits and actions are built from that. That is why there is a saying, “an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. And this applies to every area in your life. But it doesn’t just stop there, learning is work so the next step is to apply what you have learned because then all that information can be forgotten, and a trap can be set for you. This is a dangerous position to be in where you know a lot but haven’t used that information! It is honestly better if you have never learned all that information. We don’t like to be the “know it all’s”!


Now if you find the right people in an area that you are interested in for us it is business and helping businesses market and advertise. You can 20x your learning curve and surpass the mistakes of those successful mentors and build around that blueprint. This is exactly how we live and breathe. We get creative with what we learn and use that information as tools to navigate and see what works and what doesn't.


One of the things we do different as an agency from all other marketing agencies is, we are very picky with who we work with not because we are so cool or egotistical no!  We are very picky because we want to make sure we can devote the most amount of time to your business and make sure you succeed.


We know our numbers, and this makes us focus on the right things. We know that you, business owners, have been burned by agencies before, that’s why we move fast starting with taking you on and getting you started with us in just 2 hours. We don’t like to waste time.


Please watch the Free Training Video where our founder will teach you 3 valuable tips and take aways for you to grow your business and we hope to hear from you soon!


God Bless You, Have a great day!



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